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Introducing the Chopper Shad, the first offering from the brand new Fish 30acre lure lineup. Like all the upcoming lures, it started out as an exact replica of a real-life Gizzard Shad. From there, it was shaped, modeled, designed, redesigned, and tested, turning it into the lure you see today. Each lure is manufactured from a custom formulated resin that is not only extremely durable, but aids in the extreme lifelike realism Fish 30acre continually strives for.

The Chopper Shad is a topwater “rip-bait” that excels with quick rips and jerks on the surface, though slower, steady retrieves work well too. It floats with the tail slightly down allowing the fish to see the ultra-realistic profile, paint, and flash of the feathered rear treble hook.

A belly magnet is added to keep the Owner ST-35 hook pinned to the lure, thus preventing hook rash. This hook has a 150 degree bend between two of the three hook points that allow it to sit flush against the bottom of the bait. Attached to the nose of the bait, via Owner Hyper Wire split ring, is a 65 pound stainless steel ball bearing swivel. This swivel helps keep the bait keeled while allowing the rear prop to spin freely.

The Chopper Shad has been producing fish for months during the testing stages, and is now ready for you to add it to your arsenal. Good luck.


Green Gizzard

Sink Rate



7 inches total


1.6 ounces


Owner ST-35 size 1 front. Owner ST-36 size 2 back.