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We have a limited supply of custom colored Dirty Shad ready to ship. These will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Grab one while they last! $65 shipped, each.

This color is being called "coldwater gizzard". Why? As waters cool in the winter, gizzard shad become stressed as they struggle to survive the colder water. Many can be found this time of year with broken blood vessels. You will also notice many more greens, blues, and purples on these models than the original "dirty gizzard" Dirty Shad.

Send payment via PayPal (goods or services) to This post will be updated periodically regarding quantities remaining.

TAG a friend who might be needing one! Moderate sink. Yes, hooks will be included.
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Does a full moon positively effect fishing? Most say yes.

What is a SUPERMOON? When a full moon's orbit is closest to the earth. This can happen a few times year, or just once, which is the case for Sunday, December 3rd.

The gravitational pull of a supermoon will greatly effect tides, plankton, and other small baitfish. This puts the rest of the underwater world into a frenzy.

Will you catch more fish? Who knows. The only way to find out is to get out there and give it a try! Like we need an excuse to fish anyways!
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Looks like "Shad 2" works!! Ryan took advantage of this upcoming SUPER MOON and got out for a little testing today in Eastern Alabama. Sunday is the super moon (biggest moon of the year), 3 days before to 3 days after is the rule of thumb for good fishing. Go. Get. Out. There. ... See MoreSee Less

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Just a quick little video playing with some simple editing software showing one of the new lure designs. Sharing to learn post distribution and other advanced Facebook insights. Enjoy! ... See MoreSee Less

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UPDATE! All sold out. Keep a look out for another batch in a couple weeks.

We have a very small batch of Limited Edition Green Gizzard Dirty Shad. They will be $75 shipped, each.

Why "limited edition"?
-Heavier duty internal hardware.
-Thicker, harder clear coat.
-Wolverine split rings.
-Custom color.

Will come equipped with Owner st-36 hooks. Medium sink. Message or comment if you want any. Payment will be made to PayPal,
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